Vision, Mission & Core Value

Our Mission

Willing to Contribute

VOFACO always gives the entire experience and knowledge to the customer, together creating useful value in each project, contributing to building good value for society.

Our Vission

With our collective commitment to “Contribute”, we are determined to successfully implement the entire project in accordance with the requirements of our customers while creating practical value from our inherent knowledge and experience. We believe that with determination, focus, and dedication to each project, our customers can recognize us and put their trust in us.

We pay attention to work together with 100% dedication and reputation with our customers to get back 100% satisfaction from them to aim for The Top 100 Reliable Service Companies in Vietnam

Our Core Value

Customer Understanding, Practical Solution, Willing to do

VOFACO always listens to and examines customer requests. We identify the need to understand the difficulties and expectations of the customer, as well as the values that the customer is aiming for, so that we can find a solution that matches the customer’s expectations.

After we have “understood the customer”, we will choose the most “practical solution” to send to the customer. Our solutions are always focused on core values such as “Quality, Schedule and Cost”.

We are always “willing to do” from receipt until service is completed. We’re willing to work with colleagues to solve the difficulties and changes in the implementation of the project. We’re willing to listen to the feedback, and together we find a solution to meet our customers’ demands.

Our Slogan

“VOte FAir and COoperative”

The VOFACO team is conscious of the mission and vision for 2030, preserving core values. With the quality and value of the collective, we believe that VOFACO will not cease to provide customers with quality service to regain trust and satisfaction.

It’s difficult to get trust and satisfaction from customers; we deeply understand our responsibility, so we always keep communication fair and cooperative during the execution of the service.

The VOFACO team jointly upholds the motto “VOte FAir and COoperative”, which is not only a precious human quality but also a solid foundation for the development of VOFACO in the present and in the future.