Vision, Mission & Core Value

Valuable contributions to the success of Clients

The success of Clients is our proud. VOFACO be here to bring the value, contribute the value to Clients.




Top 10 Engineering Service Companies in 2030

With a team of professional staff and enthusiasm in work to bring the best quality in each product to customers. VOFACO constantly strives to 2030 to become the top 10 best Engineering Service Companies by of the choice of customers.



Optimization – Service Quality – Engineering value added


VOFACO is always planning and looking for multiple options to have an optimal cost-effective alternative solution while ensuring the quality that customers want.

Service Quality

VOFACO team always pays attention to service quality. Therefore, VOFACO not only cooperates with customers during the project implementation period, but also supports customers after the service handover.

Engineering value added

It is estimated that 70-80% of the overall cost of a product is fixed at the design stage and this is the time when value added engineering is most effective

VOFACO looks at how to add increased functionality and value to a given product, while maintaining product quality, and hopefully driving down cost.


All values ​​are created from valuable people. Therefore, VOFACO is a team that is not only good at expertise, but also a valuable team. VOFACO chooses honesty as its core value.

Open mind

Open mind is an important thing that all VOFACO members will do. Open mind to receive and ride open to create value.


“Good Faith, Good Quality”

Our Slogan is “Affirm our quality create your belief”, we strong believe to meet and satisfy customer service quality requirements is the basis of trust and a solid foundation for the development in the present and in the future of VOFACO