Process Engineering Design

VOFACO provides a complete Process design engineering services which covers Process Packages and Utility Systems.

Our service includes:
• Preparation of concept design
• Detailed design
• Cost estimation & BOQ
• Preparation of design and tender documents
• Tender evaluation

In order of increasing detail, Process design documents include:
– Process Description
– Process Flow Diagrams
– Heat & Material Balances
– Piping & Instrument diagram (P&ID)
– Equipment List
– Line List
– Tie-in List
– Utilities Consumption List
– Effluents summary
– Lab Equipment List
– Process control description
– Cause and effect matrix
– Operating and maintenance Manual
– Performance guarantee
– HAZOP study procedure
– HAZOP study report
– Equipment Datasheet for package unit
– Requisition for Package Unit
– Bid tabulation of Package Unit
– Vendors drawings and data for Package Unit