Intrusment & Control Design

VOFACO provides a complete Instrument design engineering services which covers Process Packages and Utility Systems.

Our service includes:
• Preparation of concept design
• Detailed design
• Cost estimation & BOQ
• Preparation of design and tender documents
• Tender evaluation

In order of increasing detail, Instrument design documents include:
– General Specification for Instrument, control, and cabling system
– Engineering Specification for DCS
– Engineering Specification for ESD
– DCS Graphic specification and Sketch
– Engineering specification for Instrument cable
– Engineering Specification for Instrument Junction Box and Cable gland
– Control Architecture
– Instrument List
– Instrument datasheet
– I/O list
– Instrument cable schedule
– Instrument control room layout
– DCS and ESD Interlocking Logic
– Instrument Loop Drawing
– Field Instrument Layout Drawing
– Main Cable routing
– Instrument power supply distribution drawings
– Cable tray layout
– Instrument Air Supply Piping and Tubing
– Instrument Pressure Hook-up Drawing
– Typical Drawing for Fabrication and Installation
– Control room layout
– Requisition for DCS
– Technical Bid Tabulations for DCS